Transmission Tips


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It’s easy to stop thinking about our car and rely on it without giving it the care it needs to remain in peak operating condition. Even if you think about your engine, it’s easy to forget about your transmission, which sits under your car, quietly doing its job day after day until something goes wrong. Don’t wait until there’s a problem—pay attention to your transmission regularly.

Here are some tips for avoiding transmission problems, but if you suspect you already have a problem, please call 214-528-3330214-528-3330 FREE or email Transmission and Auto Repair of Dallas today to schedule an appointment.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is important to ensure the smooth running of your car’s transmission. If you have low or damaged fluid, your transmission may suffer damage, resulting in costly repairs. Check your transmission fluid regularly. When you check it, make sure you check the level several times until you get a consistent reading.

Also make sure your fluid is in good shape:

Normal fluid is a translucent, reddish brown and should have little or no odor.

Contaminated fluid is pale pink in color.

Burnt fluid turns black from being overheated and has burnt smell.

When overheated repeatedly, fluid turns black with deeper brown color, maintains burnt smell.

If you notice problems, take your car in today to avoid transmission repair tomorrow.

Transmission Noise

When you begin to hear transmission noise, don’t just pretend it isn’t there. Respond to it immediately by getting your transmission checked out by a qualified transmission expert.

Drive Transmission-Friendly

As much as we love all our friends in Dallas, we don’t want to see you any more than necessary. There are many driving habits that can potentially lead to early damage to your transmission.

Avoid manual downshifting your automatic transmission, unless you need to for specific conditions. Check your owner’s manual for guidelines.

Don’t forget to use the parking brake. The parking brake takes stress off the transmission.

Come to a complete stop before shifting from reverse to forward gears or vice versa.

If you follow these tips, you won’t need to come in for transmission repairs, but you’re still welcome to pop in and say, “Hi!”

If you do need repairs, though, please contact AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Dallas today for an appointment.