Transmission Repair Prices/Costs

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Transmission repair can be expensive when compared to other types of repairs, but it’s a good value when compared to the cost of buying a new car, or even when compared to the payments and depreciation on a new car. Transmission repair is a good investment in keeping your old car on the road, rather than taking on the expense of buying a new car.

This page contains some background information about transmission repair costs, but we can’t estimate what your repair will cost until we see your car and diagnose the specific problem. Please call 214-528-3330214-528-3330 FREE or email AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Dallas today to set up an appointment.

Free Diagnostic

One thing that won’t cost you at AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Dallas is a basic diagnostic. We will listen to your description of the problem, look at the car, hook it up to our computers, and identify the next step. At that point, we can give you an estimate for diagnostics and a range for possible repairs.

Transmission Repair Cost Variables

There are many variables that will go into the cost of transmission repair for your car. Of course, the type of repair is the most important variable in the cost of your car, but there are others. Manual transmissions tend to be less expensive than automatic transmissions. In addition, the specific model of car and the type of transmission can make a big impact. High performance vehicles have finely engineered transmissions that can require more complex repairs, resulting in higher costs.

Minor Service

Often, the repair required is relatively minor. Transmission fluid changes may run $200 or less depending on the type of your car. Repairs not actually in the transmission are also relatively inexpensive.

Rebuilt Transmission

Rebuilding a transmission is likely to be the most expensive type of transmission repair. It requires that the transmission be disassembled, cleaned, and warn parts replaced, then the entire thing put back together. Fortunately, when this is done by an AAMCO-certified technician, you know it will be done right. Learn about the Difference of an AAMCO-Rebuilt Transmission.

Warranty Included

AAMCO offers the strongest nationwide transmission repair warranty in the business. The value of this is built into the cost of all our repairs.

To learn the value of repairing your transmission, please contact AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Dallas.