Transmission Noises and Vibrations

Are You Hearing Noises? Feeling Vibrations?

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When your car starts making strange noises or vibrations, it’s never a good thing – especially if it’s coming from the transmission. Noise – whether it’s banging, grinding or scraping – means that two parts are coming into contact that aren’t supposed to. Those sounds are your warning that trouble’s coming, and you need to take action right away. Each day that goes by raises the likelihood of a costly transmission repair on the horizon.

The easiest and fastest route to finding out what’s wrong is to email us, or just give us a call at 214-528-3330. The transmission repair professionals at AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Dallas will quickly book your vehicle for a diagnostic appointment.

You know your car better than anybody, and if you want to help us identify the potential source of your transmission noise faster there are things you can do. Take a few minutes to review the list below, then listen carefully to see which of these describes what you’re hearing or feeling. By doing so, you can eliminate some needless steps and help us pinpoint the source of the problem.

Automatic Transmissions

Most cars sold today have automatic transmissions. They make driving much easier, but their technology is much more complicated than that of manual transmissions, and that means that there are more things that can break down and cause transmission noise. Here are just a few of the typical automatic transmission noises, and what they often mean. There are other sounds you might hear, and other causes for the sounds, but when a vehicle owner tells us that they hear any of these sounds, it gives us a head start on identifying the problem:

  • Whining and/or noise whenever the car is moving. Sometimes the sound is paired with the gears slipping. This usually indicates damaged fluid or a low fluid level, and can be fixed by changing the transmission fluid. If the fluid checks out, the problem may be the pump.
  • A constant noise that stops when the car is stopped and kept in gear, parked or put into the neutral gear. This usually indicates a problem with the torque converter.
  • Noise that can be stopped by putting car into a specific gear, especially third gear. Usually due to problems with the transmission gear mechanism.
  • Shifting makes the sound change. This is usually a problem between the turbine shaft and parts of the transmission.
  • Going faster makes the sound go higher. This is an indication that the problem is connected to how fast the wheels are going, and is usually found within the transmission’s final drive.

Manual Transmissions

Generally speaking, manual transmissions make more sound than automatic transmissions, and this is especially true in older model vehicles. Though some sounds are normal and can’t be eliminated, new sounds are definitely cause for concern. You need to know whether what you’re hearing is a sign that you need a manual transmission repair.

Because they have fewer parts, it’s generally easier to identify manual transmissions problems. Here are the most common sounds to listen for, and what they often mean.

  • Noise heard no matter what gear the vehicle is in. This problem is usually caused by improper or low transmission fuel levels.
  • Noise hear in one particular gear. Usually means that there’s damage to that gear.
  • Noise heard in forward gears, but not reverse or neutral. Usually means a problem with the counter shaft.
  • Noises heard whenever the clutch is engaged or disengaged. This is usually not caused by the transmission; it’s most often a problem with the clutch bearing.
  • Noise appears when the transmission is in neutral but the clutch is engaged. This is usually a problem with the bearings or input shaft.

Why Work with Us

Transmission sounds and vibrations are a sign that your vehicle needs attention, but not every transmission sound or vibration means you need a costly repair — it might be something as simple as adjusting your fluid levels. At AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Dallas, we take pride in our ability to quickly identify the problem and get you back on the road.

We are committed to only recommending the service that you need, and we back up our work with AAMCO’s national warranty. Don’t let another day of transmission noise go by. Contact AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Dallas today to set up a convenient time to bring your vehicle in.