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Keeping your cooling system in good working order is essential to keeping your car on the road. Coolant system failure and overheating are the most common cause of breakdowns on the side of the road. And a coolant system failure can do more than leave you stranded: it can do permanent damage to your engine and your transmission.

Why Your Coolant System Needs Maintenance

You probably know that it is recommended your oil be replaced every 3 months or 3,000 miles, but do you know how often you should change your engine’s coolant fluid? Typically, your coolant should be changed out and your radiator flushed every 24 months. Otherwise, your engine could suffer because:

  • Coolant loses its protective ability over time
  • Your radiator can corrode, leading to leaks
  • Cooling system can become clogged

Any of which can lead to your engine suffering as a result of decreased cooling system effectiveness.

When You Need Coolant System Maintenance

Your coolant system should be topped off whenever you change your oil, and it should be flushed every 24 months. In addition, you should bring your car in for a check of the cooling system if:

  • Your engine overheats
  • Your temperature light or coolant level warning light comes on
  • Your car is leaking a green fluid
  • The belts or hoses have not been replaced in the last four years

While you are in, our expert technicians will perform a free 36-point ProtectCheck of all your vehicle’s vital systems to detect problems before they become serious. You can schedule your radiator service appointment at AAMCO Transmission and Automotive Repair of Dallas by call us at 214-528-3330 or by using our contact us form.