Engine Maintenance

Engine Maintenance

Serving Dallas, University Park, and Highland Park, Texas

Getting your engine maintenance performed according to the factory recommended schedule can improve your car’s performance, increase its gas mileage, and lengthen the time between serious repairs. At AAMCO Transmission and Automotive Repair of Dallas, we would rather see you every few months for routine maintenance that keeps your car on the road, than once every few years when your car needs serious repairs. You will save money and your car will be more reliable, and you’ll be much happier if you follow the regular maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

If it’s time for your regular maintenance, please call 214-528-3330Engine Maintenance214-528-3330 FREE or schedule an appointment at AAMCO in University Park to get your maintenance performed.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Many people give their new car all the loving attention it needs, but over time become less diligent about maintenance by the time your manufacturer’s warranty has expired – just when it’s most critical!

Your car’s manufacturer wants your car to run well and have a long life. It’s good for their reputation and it’s good for you, too. That’s why they create detailed maintenance schedules outlining specific operations to be performed on various components and systems. Every maintenance operation is timed, either in mileage or in years, so it will be done before a component is expected to fail.

And if your vehicle is still under warranty or extended warranty, you have certain services you must perform to maintain that warranty. At AAMCO Transmission and Automotive Repair of Dallas, our experts know your car as well as your dealer. We can provide the maintenance services you need, and it’s often cheaper and more convenient than your dealer. We will document everything to make sure you’re in warranty or keep track of your maintenance to ensure you are doing everything necessary to keep your car running reliably for years to come. Our regular maintenance includes:

  • Air filtration replacement, including:
    • Air filter
    • Breather unit
    • PCV valve
  • Fuel system cleaning service
  • Automatic transmission fluid services
  • Full service oil, lube & filter change
  • Battery maintenance services
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Brake system fluid check
  • Serpentine belt check and replacement
  • Cabin air filter service
  • Tire rotation
  • Cooling system service
  • Wiper blade replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement

Seasonal Tune Ups

In addition to regularly scheduled maintenance, it’s a good idea to get your car tuned up at least once a year or very 30,000 miles. A tune-up is different from maintenance: it is designed not just to prevent malfunctions, but to keep your car performing at peak level. Your car will not only have better acceleration, it’s likely to have significantly better gas mileage, up to a 10% improvement.

An AAMCO tune-up will include (as appropriate to your vehicle):

  • Installation of new spark plugs
  • idle speed adjustment
  • Set timing as needed
  • Inspect choke, throttle linkage, spark plug wires and distributor cap
  • Comprehensive performance check to verify that no drivability or computer system trouble codes exist

Plus our 36-point ProtectCheck Inspection that evaluates all of your vehicle’s critical systems to ensure they are in good working order.

If your vehicle is due for maintenance, please contact AAMCO Transmission and Automotive Repair of Dallas in University Park to schedule a maintenance appointment today.