What Our Customers Say

  • A friend of mine recommended AAMCO on Inwood Road when I recently had some transmission problems. When I arrived at the shop - I really didn't know what to expect as I know very little about transmissions. After speaking with the owner - I felt he provided a fair price and a quick turnaround time on what needed to be done. I just wanted to thank Rahim and the guys for helping me get back on the road! I would definitely recommend this shop!

    Bob M
  • Really great guys here. They took the time to really understand the issues I was having with my car and were not pushy at all when it came to purchasing additional parts, which was refreshing. It's pretty clear that these guys know what they are doing as they have a ton of customers. Definitely trust them and will be going back if my car ever has troubles again. Thanks guys.

    Nicholas M
  • These guys are awesome. I was looking to purchase a used vehicle and had it inspected here to ensure there weren't any problems with the car before I purchased it. They went over the car thoroughly. They then spent a ton of time talking with me about the car and addressing ALL of the questions I had. They also talked to me about the common occurrences they find come through their shop on cars of the same brand with similar mileage which helped me in my extended warranty decisions. I was completely comfortable in my purchase decision after using these guys for my inspection needs. I highly recommend this shop to anyone needing car care services! Top notch guys!

    Christopher L

A Full Service Repair Shop

AAMCO is known as the transmission expert, and we will continue our tradition of excellence in transmission repair, but we offer much more than that, including:

In every repair, we bring our in-depth experience and dedication to excellence, beginning with a detailed diagnostic to make sure we’ve isolated the problem, and ending with you back on the road, protected by the best nationwide warranty in the industry.

Is It Time to Take Your Vehicle In?

You should take your vehicle in to your AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair if:

  • Your vehicle will not move (We offer FREE towing with major transmission repair)
  • You have problems shifting gears
  • The transmission is leaking fluid
  • The transmission seems to be slipping
  • The transmission is making noise—including manual transmissions that grind when shifting
  • Clutch is slipping
  • The Check Engine Light comes on
  • Your vehicle makes a jerking movement
  • The engine seems to be surging
  • It’s been a year since your last transmission fluid change

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to bring your car in for service. Please call 214-528-3330 or schedule an appointment online at the AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair center in the University Park area of Dallas.

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